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Season Two information is coming Soon™️. We have a write-up on Medium.

Season One info is archived below...
Four months and 300+ members later and Friends With Benefits (FWB) has established itself as one of the top social token communities in web3. As we take the next steps with FWB, our core contributors have codified what embodies FWB into our manifesto.

As we expand on what a digital cornerstone between the technology and culture communities looks like, we’ve decided to take FWB up a notch through the inaugural launch of quarterly seasons.

While the method of joining FWB hasn’t changed, seasons are the first step towards rewarding active participation and creating a more connected community. Each season will feature an increased token threshold, requiring members to earn (or buy) more $FWB to stay up to date with new discussions and features.

We believe thriving digital communities are the future and although that future is largely here, digital communities still struggle to bridge the gap between the physical world. By creating more ways to earn and use $FWB, we are experimenting with the future of value in an effort to build a digital community that isn’t pillaged by corporate overlords. Everything is better with friends and we’re excited to explore new seasons with all of ours.

Let’s dive into how it will work.

︎ What is a Season?

A ‘season’ is a fixed period of time offering exclusive benefits to members and ways to earn tokens for active participation in those events. First inspired by Simon de la Rouvière, Season One will be our first take at a social token season, starting in early January.

“Community tokens provide novel ways to coordinate. By using the metaphor of seasons, it could ideally remain in the hands of pro-social contributors indefinitely, while simultaneously providing novel ways to experiment.”

FWB Seasons are meant to better engage community members and reward those top contributors with weekly rewards and benefits.

︎ Season One Logistics

Season One will start in January and run until March 31st. The minimum number of tokens required to retain the FWB role in Discord will shift from 50 $FWB to 55 $FWB. The last week of 2020 will act as a ‘pre-season’ allowing members to earn the added 5 $FWB by reacting to drops and engaging with campaigns like the one we’re running for this post with Unite.

When Season One starts, the Collab.Land bot will make sure members have at least 55 $FWB tokens in their wallet to retain their FWB role. We believe this added 5 $FWB is a small enough change to encourage members to top up with minimal expenditures if they wish to remain in the private channels. We will open a free room for all to poke around in for those who don’t meet the Season One threshold.

Throughout Season One, a series of bounties, drops and commissioned NFTs will be produced to reward the community. We’ve integrated SourceCred to keep track of contributions and will use it as a metric to identify top contributors.

So, outside of earning a couple more $FWB and being on the lookout for drops, why should I care about Season One?

︎ Season One Upgrades

Season One will feature a number of added benefits to $FWB holdings, including:

Substack Sampler Pack - 100 $FWB
The past month, we’ve been experimenting with a shared Substack channel offering access to the industry’s best newsletters directly to FWB members. Starting with Season One, members will need to hold 100 FWB to continue access to the #substack-preview channels. #substack-channel will stay at 55 $FWB to see ongoing conversations channels.

Coffee Time V2 - 55 $FWB
Each Wednesday, FWB will host a featured panel or fireside chat from an expert or experts in a specific domain. This panel will be moderated by Derek Taylor from the FWB staff and allow members to learn from and ask questions about their industry and experience. All those who attend Coffee Time stand to earn $FWB for their continued participation!

JammSession Access - 55 $FWB
All members with the minimum amount of FWB required to access the group will now have access to Brian Flynn’s JammSession posts on the intersection of creators and crypto. This is a web3 newsletter built on Outpost, meaning that readers must connect their wallet and verify they hold at least 55 $FWB (or 1000 $JAMM) in order to access the content.

Coupon Codes - 55 $FWB
FWB members will receive access to exclusive coupons shared within the group. These coupons could range from discounts on plug-ins to products, goods and services all with some direct connection to FWB or a topic in the channel. Be on the lookout for more info on this in early January.

FWB Opportunities - 55 $FWB
Looking to find work in web3? Looking to hire a talented visionary? A new #opportunities channel will allow teams to post open requests for hires to a highly selective group of individuals with a pre-vetted amount of knowledge and capabilities. 

︎ What’s Next?

Be on the lookout for a number of announcements in the FWB Discord over the course of the next few weeks.

The ideas presented in this post will need to be voted in through community governance, using $FWB tokens and Snapshot. Season One’s kickoff will feature a week long poll to allow members to vote and ratify the increased minimum threshold from 50 $FWB to 55 $FWB.

With this in mind, we’re excited to partner with unite.community to allow the community to earn the 5 $FWB needed for Season One by simply sharing this post!

Unite is a social token tooling platform allowing creators to distribute tokens through social campaigns. In the case of FWB, we’re giving 5 $FWB to the first 100 members who retweet this on Twitter! Unite has parsed the FWB Discord for those who have their Twitter linked in their name, and only these accounts will be eligible to claim the reward.

Tell your friends about the start of Season One and help us with new features and benefits by dropping your suggestions in #fwb-general-chat.

As we continue to iron out more robust frameworks for FWB, so too does the ability for anyone to contribute and earn from their ideas. If you’ve got an idea for a tool, feature or channel you’d like to include as a part of Season One, please reach out!

We’re actively giving grants to community contributors and would love to fund an FWB extension to a community near you. If you’re interested in writing a #rough-draft, please contact a member with the Staff role to get slotted in our content calendar!

In the meantime, take these holidays to enjoy a much needed break with friends and loved ones and we look forward to starting the year out strong come 2021!